Majesty: Northern Expansion 1.4.14 – Nokia N8 – 808 PureView – Anna – Belle – J2ME – Free Game Download

File Size: 8.4MB

So you’ve slain all the orcs and undead from your lands? Counting your Kingdom’s riches getting you down? Hankering for a new adventure and some new enemies to destroy? Then you need to conquer the hostile Northern Lands, teaming with Stone Golems and Fire Breathing Dragons! N8 Fan Club – Download Now. Do you have the tactical knowledge to command your army of heroes, wizards, freaks and misfits and conquer this frosty frontier? Majesty: The Northern Expansion – The Dragons are waiting for their dinner.


  • Discover 8 exciting new missions in a stunning new location Slay the Stone Golems and Fire Breathing Dragons, new to this Add- On. 
  • Battle your way through ever-c hanging weather conditions that effect your strategy. 
  • Share your awards and achievements with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle Smart Phones.