Nokia Belle Refresh Customization Pack by Ali Rana – Colorful Status Bar and Menu Buttons, Extended Menu and Keyboard Mod

Belle Refresh Customization Pack by Ali Rana
Few days back Mr. Ali Rana has shared his customized screenshots from his Nokia N8 with Belle Refresh firmware on our facebook fan page, many people liked the customization he had applied. These all apps and mods are already available on our website. We and many others had requested him to create the download  package and steps to perform this customization on the device. Finally he has shared the download package and the steps involved. This customization pack is only compatible with Nokia N8, C7, C6-01, E7, X7, 500 having Belle Refresh firmware.

Steps for customization:

1. Your device must have Belle Refresh firmware (Check your firmware version by dialing *#0000# from the your device). (compatible with Nokia N8, C7, C6-01, E7, X7, 500)
2. Hack your device with either Norton Hack or TM Unlock then install PowerPatch.
For colorful status bar and menu buttons:
3. Install Lanternsoft extra buttons file.
4. Extract avkon2 file from “avkon2.mif folder” to E:/resources/apps (Make sure to do it while your cell is connected with Mass storage mode with your PC) 
5. For Extended Menu: Extract files as shown in Extended Menu Grid Files (must be placed as in folders) All features mean no scroll bar as well.
6. Screen Capture: install as it is. Capture your screen and share the screenshots either on our facebook page or in the comments below.
7. Extra buttons colorful mod: Install Extra Button sis file. Note after installation go to exceptions and check videos as well. 
8. Keyboard layout mod: For the Keyboard place the files in C: as shown in folders.
Note: Sometimes the X-plore app does not allow to replace files as they are currently in use by the phone’s operating system. The best way is to connect the phone in mass storage mode and perform the copy functions.