Windows Phone Testing Firmware 111.040.0805 Appeared on Navifirm for Nokia N8 – Download Links Attached

Windows Phone Testing RM-596 – Nokia N8 – 111.040.0805

A few days ago an apparently new firmware “Windows Phone Testing (RM-596)” appeared on NaviFirm for our beloved Nokia N8. The version of this so called “New Firmware” is 111.40.805. Newer then Official Belle which is 111.030.0609 but older then Taylor CFW or AminKing CFW which are both 111.040.0904. If you will try to search Navifirm for this “New Firmware” you would not find it anymore. The phone is Windows Phone Testing which has the same Type as N8 RM-596 as shown in the screenshot.

Some of the users have tried this firmware and told us that it has nothing new to offer than current Taylor’s or AminKing’s CFW. Belle Refresh or a lite version of Belle Feature Pack 1 will be available but not in the near future because Nokia is focusing more and more on WP and slowly trying to trash out Symbian. (This is what we had never praised).

P.S: For those who don’t know Belle Refresh was announced in April by a worker of Nokia on Twitter. But since then Nokia did not said anything about any new updates for N8 or for any other 1st S^3 Generation. It was promised that Belle Refresh would bring us a new browser, a new music player, some new widgets (which are already available on our website) and a new multi-tasking task manager.

Special thanks to Mr. Miclea Razvan (one of the admin on our fan page) for contributing this article.

If you wish to try out this firmware on your Nokia N8, you can download it from here.