Mobile Speak 5.8 – Signed – Nokia N8 – S^3 – Anna – Belle FP1 – Free App Download

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‘Mobile Speak’ is smart mobile utility app for blind people, allowing them to use Symbian devices with ease in their daily life. The app is designed tohelp blind people or those who have trouble reading things on their phones by converting any screen content into speech using phone’s built-in text-to-speech (TTS) technology. The latest version v5.8 adds support for Belle Feature Pack 1 devices, WhatsApp v2.6.97 messenger and brings about 100 new features, improvements and fixes to the client.

Press release :
Code Factory has once again shown its commitment to its Symbian users in the latest v5.8 release. This major release features more than 100 new features, improvements and fixes so that users can make the best use of both the latest touch devices and also traditional phones with keypads. Once again, it is offered as afree upgrade for users of Mobile Speak v4.0 and above.
“Although the sale of Symbian devices may be in decline in many parts of the world, we still see the overwhelmingly popularity of these devices amongst the visually impaired community. No other platform offers the wide range of device form factors, and no other screen reader solution offers the same amount of functionality and configurability,” explains Eduard Sánchez, CEO at Code Factory. “Since Mobile Speak is still the most practical solution for many users andit allows them to get things done faster than on any other platform, we are very happy to announce this major release of Mobile Speak Symbian.”
Changelog v5.8: 
*. Support for Symbian Belle Feature Pack 1 (FP1) including the Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia 603, 700 and 701.
*. Support for WhatsApp v2.6.97 (and above), the world’s most popular mobile messaging application.
*. Easy update: After installing v5.8, any future updates of Mobile Speak will be able to be installed in a completely accessible way directly from the device using this new feature.
*. Easy installation of voices and your favorite third party apps: this new feature allows you to easily install any Mobile Speak 3rd party voices, Nokia HQ voices, Code Factory tools and games and also the most popular, accessible third party applications, without needing to connect to a PC or to use the Nokia Store.
*. Six new Acapela HQ voices (Dutch Daan, Dutch Jasmijn, German Andreas, Norwegian Bente, SwedishEmil and US English Saul).
*. More than 100 new features, improvements and bug fixes, for allusers to enjoy!

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