Belle TopBar 3.0 – Nokia N8 – S^3 – Anna – Free App Download

Belle Top Bar for Symbian Smart Phones. Compatible with S60v5 / S^3 / Anna Devices.

*Clock background fixed
*Clock is now 24hr
*Now clicking on profile icon switches profile from general tosilent or vice versa
*Operator name is now visible
*All positions of notifications fixed
*Base svg is chosen of v1 as its very light.
*All txt written is fixed
*Missed calls and messages open missed calls and inbox respectively
*conflict with swipelocker fixed,now you can install both
*icon added

Instructions:- As uid of the app is changed,pls uninstall the older version to avoid any installation error.

Belle TopBar v3.00

*Added light control through brightness slider
*Fixed connectivity issue when wifi and edge/3g connected together
*Added some more notifications like headset.
*Now choose swipe method u like(Default or Belle)
*Major changes in code ie now faster and better.
*Clock Shifted to right.
*App name in the top bar.

Click on the topbar or swipe down it to show the the notification window and swipeup to hide it. Visible above all the windows every time. Supports only portrait mode .