Nokia 808 Pure View Set to Arrive in Many Countries Across the Globe, is your country listed?

Nokia 808 Pure View was initially set to launch in India & Russia, but it seems Nokia has now planned to launch it worldwide and covered many countries across the globe. Below you’ll find the list of countries that will be getting Nokia 808 Pure View very soon.

Full list of countries getting Nokia 808 PureView Smartphone:
Asia Pacific:

Is your country part of the above list? If yes, you’ll soon be able to get yourself a brand new Nokia 808 Pure View Smart Phone. Else if your country isn’t listed above, unfortunately you’ll not be getting it officially in your country. Though there are other unofficial channels to import this amazing device to your country.

Will you be getting your Nokia 808 Pure View as soon as it will hit in your country’s market, or you’ll be waiting a bit for the price to settle down?