Nokia 808 Pure View’s Firmware Updated to Belle FP1 v111.020.0310

Nokia 808 Pure view has received its first minor firmware upgrade Belle FP1 v111.020.0310. Earlier it was running on Belle FP1 v111.020.0309. This update seems to bring performance and stability with minor bug fixes. The device contacts scrolling is way faster now and the full resolution images (38MP) from the camera app will occupy half of the storage space. There are no official change-logs available as for now.

Current Issues with Gallery of Nokia 808 Pure View
The gallery app of Nokia 808 Pure View has been redesigned and has some issues like it cannot be put into landscape mode and there are way less options in the gallery of Nokia 808 Pure View if we will compare it with Nokia N8. We can’t seem to find press & hold options and images cannot be marked up in the gallery. We believe that Nokia will address these issues with firmware updates in near future.

Let us know, if you have got the update in your region? And have you noticed improvements / bugs other than we have discussed above? Do discuss them below in the comments.