Melon Safe Deposit Box 1.5.50 – Nokia N8 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Full Version App Download

Lock and hide important documents, pictures and other files! Safe Deposit Box is a reliable file-protection utility for your phone. Now you can collect all of your important and secret content in a hidden depository, locked with a password to restrict unauthorized access.

Safe and Secret Storage

Safe Deposit Box is specially designed to safeguard important or secret documents, pictures and other files from unsolicited access. The application is password-protected at start-up and keeps your files invisible until the password is entered. Important documents, confidential personal or business files, secret images and videos,  your most important audio files – now you can lock and hide them all just by moving the files to the Safe Deposit Box. Once locked, the protected files will no longer be visible and accessible from anywhere else

Protected Files Classification

With Safe Deposit Box you can not only protect but also organize your files. Safe Deposit Box allows you to sort your files by file type,  name or any other criteria. Just create the folders / categories you need and start “depositing” similar files there. SDB’s own file browser makes different file formats and extensions distinguishable by their icons for extra convenience in organizing file catalogs.

Data Encryption 

For extra security, Safe Deposit Box allows protected folders on memory cards to be encrypted so your important information is inaccessible even if the memory card is removed and browsed through another device or a card reader. SDB’s encrypted folders are simple to set up and offer absolute information security through a set of modern cryptic algorithms.