LinkedIn 2.0.1063 – Signed – Nokia N8 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Free App Download

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Nokia users and social networking professionals have something to smile about. The mobile device manufacturer announced on Tuesday a new LinkedIn application for Symbian.

Nokia users can now add business contacts to their network immediately rather than waiting to get onto a computer. The update include 6 of LinkedIn’s most useful features: Connections, Updates, Inbox, Search, Invitations and Reconnect.

Connections: Nokia’s app allows you to have access to all of your contacts in the palm of your hand, including their up-to-date profile information (you’ll be the first to hear if someone switches jobs!) and the ability to send them messages in an instant.
Updates: You can view business and user updates in real-time so you’ll never be out of the loop.
Inbox: Your LinkedIn inbox is available so you can access and send messages without being tied to a computer.
Search: This is perhaps the most important feature. You can search for new contacts from almost anywhere, which means if you meet someone important and don’t have a business card handy, you can add them immediately to your network as long as they’re a LinkedIn user.
Invitations: The app also allows you to accept new invitations on-the-go so they don’t pile up before you get to the office.
Reconnect: Reconnect suggests new connections from anywhere your phone (and 3G) is.
The LinkedIn app is available to users of the Nokia N8, Nokia E7 and Nokia C7 series of smartphones.

*Updates in 2.0.1051: Get on-the-go access to your professional network with LinkedIn for Nokia Symbian with NFC (Near Field Communications). You can now transfer your information onto a NFC tag or any other Nokia NFC-enabled phone simply with a tap. You will then be able to quickly read LinkedIn profile information on a NFC tag and send an invitation to connect.

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