Nokia To Bring Water Resistant Lumia & Pure View Smart Phones utilizing Nano Technology

Nokia always remained quite innovative for offering some unique features on their smart phones. Nokia Research Center has now almost accomplished the project of SuperHydroPhobic / Water Resistant layer that uses Nano Technology to prevent and protect Nokia’s mobile device from water. You will be able to develop more focus in this regard after watching the video after the break.

Conor Pierce, VP of Nokia Western Europe unveiled the company’s new “superhydrophobic” technology at the Lumia 610 launch in London on Thursday, saying that it will be coming to future Nokia mobile devices.Explaining how the technology works, Pierce said, “What happens when a drop of water lands on a lotus leaf […] has baffled scientists for generations […] but our team in Cambridge UK found a solution. Nano technology lets us do it. Superhydrophobic technology makes water bounce, it stops it, rolls it off the device and leaves it water impregnant, that’s the magic, that’s what we’re going to bring to the party.

It is still the matter of question, how soon Nokia is going to commercially launch the devices utilizing this Nano Technology to make Nokia’s devices water resistant. However Nokia has promised to bring it on future Lumia and Pure View devices. 

What do you think about this new and innovative way to protect Smart Phones from water, that has to be commercially introduced by Nokia in near future? Let us know your thoughts in the form of comments either below or on our Facebook Fan page.