Nokia Social App 1.5.215 – Transparent Widgets v2 – Nokia N8 – 808 PureView – Anna – Belle – Free App Download

Syarm has modded the official Nokia’s Social / Twitter / Facebook client for Symbian Belle smart phones to make its widgets transparent, now came up with 2nd modded release of Nokia’s Social client, you’ll be loving it, Syarm has even promised to come up with more skins. Compatible with unlocked / hacked Belle Smart Phones with Norton Hack.

How To Install
1. Just install the modded sis installer. It has been created with latest version nokia social client from nokia store.
2. If you are facing update error when installing. Try this:
  • Uninstall this entry from application manager “social installer”. Just uninstall this one.
3. But some times this error appear….”unable to uninstall”….Don’t worry..try this step.. install this file. It will overite the existing one. After that you can try uninstalling the “social installer” again….
4. Install the modded file from the download link below.
5. In version 2, you have to copy the private folder (inside download package) to C:/ after enabling OPEN4ALL patch from ROM patcher to make the font white.

Version 2

Version 1