How to Format / Hard Reset only C:/ (Phone Memory) without Formatting E:/ (Mass Storage) on Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle

In the Symbian Smart Phones, we usually use *#7370# hard-reset code to format the device or the three button combination (which is different for different devices). But the draw back of these methods of hard-resetting in Symbian^3 Smart Phones is that they format C:/ as well as E:/ Mass Storage.
In some devices like Nokia N8, Nokia C7, Nokia 701, Nokia E7 and Nokia 808 Pure View, there is a mass storage E: drive available, which will also be formatted along with C:/ (Phone Memory) when ever you will try to follow the above mentioned hard reset methods.

Usually mass storage has a lot of user data, and sometimes we do not wish to format E:/ (Mass Storage), in that case we have found a very interesting solution that you can only format C:/ (Phone Memory) by following few simple steps mentioned below. Note that N8 Fan Club won’t be held responsible, if anything goes wrong by means of following this tutorial.
1) Connect your Phone with your PC via USB cable in Ovi Suite Mode and start Phoenix.
2) Open file and select scan device.
3) When your device is detected  go to operating mode and select test or local mode.
4) Then go to product and select file system  format.
5) New window will open, select file system as Symbian APE.
6) Write the name to drive you want after formatting completes.
7) Set full format method and press START.
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