Harald Meyer KeepItOn 2.0.8 – Nokia N8 – S^3 – Anna – Belle FP1 – Full Version App Download

KeepItOn keeps the display backlight active as long as KeepItOn is running which is e.g. useful while reading a website, navigation or messaging. KeepItOn supports autostart functionality, it can run in background, display light can be on for infinite time, or for a predefined time period, and screen brightness can be controlled. KeepItOn’s energy saving options can be setup so that light is only active when the phone is connected to a charger or if battery level is above a certain rate.

Since version 2.0 KeepItOn supports two new modi: timeout extension, and application specific light on. “Timeout extension” extends the system timeout by a given amount of seconds, while the “application mode” keeps the backlight on as long as one or multiple user-defined applications are running.

Summary of Features:
* Turn backlight on for infinite or user-defined time
* Extend system backlight deactivation/keylock time to more than 60 seconds
* Change screen brightness/intensity
* Autostart when phone is turned on
* Charger mode: light keeps running infinitely when charger is connected
* Application-based timeout extension