Nokia Guitar Tuner 1.3.1 – SIGNED – Nokia N8 – 808 PureView – Anna – Belle – Full Version App Download

The Guitar Tuner application can be used to tune guitar strings by analyzing the audio recorded by the device microphone. Guitar Tuner can be also used in the listening mode. It will then play the audio by the corresponding frequency, and the user can tune the guitar by ear. The application demonstrates the audio-in and the audio-out interfaces of QtMobility::QtMultimediaKit and integrating Qt code to the Qt Quick UI. The Guitar Tuner is used to tune the strings of the guitar. Two modes are provided: the input mode and the voice mode.
In the input mode the microphone is used to analyze the frequency of the recorded audio and show the frequency by the graph. The desired string can be choosed with the note buttons. The Selected note will also be shown under the graph. When the recorded frequency is very close to the right tuning the needle will be positioned exactly on the center of the graph, also the note under the graph will be shown with a glow. When the needle is on the fully left or fully right side of the graph the note is 12 halfnotes too low or high (or more). By selecting the Auto-note, the application will try to determine the note by itself. The recording sensitivity can be adjusted with the volume slider on the bottom of the view. In the voice mode the application will play the selected note from the speakers of the device. The output volume can be adjusted with the volume slider on the bottom of the view. The output volume can also be muted by tapping the speaker icon on the left of the volume slider.