Is your Phone Healthy? Check it now via Phone Health Meter 1.0 – Nokia N8 – 808 PureView – Signed – Anna – Belle – Free App Download

Phone Meter lets you know at a glance if your phone is ready to run correctly, or if there is a problem. By monitoring critical system resources (like memory, internal and external storage, battery level and signal strength), Healthphone meter helps keep the phone functioning at peak performance. The color status indicators let you easily tell if aresource is low and needs your attention. It calculates a health index your ofresource current state elements controlled. The index, which also appears on the home screen of compatible phones, characterizes the overall capacity of the phone running smoothly.

Key features: 

  • Monitoring memory, internal and external storage, signal strength battery leveland. 
  • Show the current value of each element of controlled numerical and graphical format. 
  • Reports on the status using color codes. 
  • Phone health index calculated from all the resources controlled. 
  • Tips appear when you click on items of resources. 
  • Brief help on using the application is available in the / about menu.