Cam Ruler 1.0.1 – Nokia N8 – Anna – Belle – Full Version App Download

After Cam Measure, to measure distance and height, I wrote this Cam Ruler app. With this one, you can measure the length of objects from 0 to 40cm. Works with Nokia N8 only.

Be sure to:
– always calibrate your sensors before using it
– phone must be on the ground
– point to the base of the objects, not over the base!

Under 5cm, you will see a fixed ruler on your phone.

Tollerance: 10% (this is much, I know).
Works only on N8.

LITE: no possibility to save images, range limited to 10-20cm. Full unsigned version has arrived on N8 Fan Club Soon.  Mean while if you like this app you can support its further development by purchasing it from Nokia Store. Compatible Nokia N8 only.