Big Led Board 1.0 – Nokia N8 – 808 PureView – Signed – Anna – Belle – Free App Download

What is it? Have you ever seen led board on the street? It’s so cool, right? Now, you can create some thing like this on your phone with this application. You can paint the led board with a lot of led color, you can make your led board run from right to left, left to right and some other amazing effect. How to use it?

Following these step:
– Step 1: Choose a led color and then paint it into led board
– Step 2: Click run button and choose a run type.

You can click on the plus button to increase the speed or click on the minus button to descrease the speed. Who has created it? He’s Leo Zichel. Application type Application -> Entertainment Compatible with S^3 / Anna / Belle Smart Phones.