Nokia Belle – Feature Pack 1 – Software Update for 2nd Gen S^3 Smart Phone – 700, 701 & 603

Upcoming Nokia 808 PureView will be equipped with Symbian OS’ latest version that is: Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1. There are lots of enhancements in this feature pack 1 and it would be available for 2nd generation S^3 Smart Phones in couple of months. Lets have a deep look into the upcoming features of FP1.

  • Dolby ® Headphone and Dolby ® Digital Plus audio processing
  • Around 20 new and improved widgets
  • A new, faster browser with HTML 5 support
  • The latest version of Nokia Maps
  • The recently announced Microsoft Apps
  • A better notifications bar
  • A refreshed multitasking bar
  • The processor speed of the Nokia 700 and 701 will be increased from 1GHz to 1.3GHz

Good News for 2nd Generation S^3 Smart Phones

While the 2nd generation S^3 smart phones Nokia 700, 701 & 603 will get Belle FP1 as software update in coming months. As 2nd generation of S^3 phones have twice the ROM (1GB), RAM (512MB) and CPU (1Ghz +) as compared with 1st generation S^3 phones. Apart from the software upgrade, Nokia 700 and 701 will get their CPU overclocked to 1.3Ghz from 1.0Ghz and therefore deliver the same performance as of latest Nokia 808 while Nokia 603 will remain on same 1.0Ghz CPU.

Good News for 1st Generation S^3 Smart Phones
The Good news is that 1st generation Symbian^3 Devices (Nokia N8, E7, C7, X7, C6-01, E6 and 500) will be getting the improvements and fixes as a software update in current version of Symbian Belle. For more details have a look over here.