Lancet Chronos 1.40 for Nokia N8 & Belle Smartphones

Lancet Chronos РNokia Home Screen Timer Widget MultiTimer is a Home Screen timer widget which lets you easily set a timer for everyday use. Supported platform(s): Symbian^3 Anna & Belle.

Version: 1.4.0
Getting Started

FIXED – Homescreen Widget now registers properly on installation
NEW – Added “long beep” to enable long and short alarm sounds
1. Add Chronos to home screen
2. Set the time for Chronos
3. Press the ‘Play’ button to begin

Description – Shows an editable description
Time – Sets the time while timer is not running
Status – Play or pause the time and also to stop the alarm when it is sounded
Volume – Control the volume by moving the slider or pressing the volume keys
Back Button – Hides the Main Page
Stop Button – Stops and resets the timer
Auto Offline – Automatically gointo Offline mode to conserve bettery when Chronos is in thebackground, not counting down and screen is locked
Offline – Turns the widget into offline mode when not in use
*. Time is set, Chronos is ready to start. Press play to start.
*. Chronos is running. Press the pause button to pause Chronos.
*. Chronos is paused, to resumepress the play button.
*. When the time is up, an alarm will sound and the user is required to tap on thewidget to stop the sound.
*. After that the widget goes back to the initial ready state.
*. Offline is shown when the application is closed by selecting offline
*. Touch the widget in Offline mode to return it back to Online

Direct Download