THK Circle of Friends 1.13(1) – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

With this software for Nokia you can get quick access to favorite contacts of friends in a click. Circle of Friends provides a nice interface, building up your selected most frequently used contacts in a circle. In the application, support animation: you can scroll through the contacts in a circle, and marked avatar subscriber will be increased before dialing. You can set the sort order of contacts by name or phone, as well as specify whether you want to display the names of contacts. In addition, the application allows you to provide all of the selected subscribers funny and original avatars, which might make you smile when you call a friend or family.

Circle of Friends program is presented by the developer in two versions: full and lite. Lite version has a limitation on the number of contacts (three), which you can use the favorites to start from the animated circle program.
[!] For correct operation of Circle of Friends program you want installed components Qt version 4.7.3 . And also need to install additional libraries QtMobility.

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