Talking Bob 1.0 – Nokia N8 – Signed – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Full Version App Download

Bob is your lovely little naughty monkey to have fun with. He repeats anything in a funny voice you’ll talk with him, apart from that he can perform some naughty actions when you’ll touch him anywhere. Brought to you by N8 Fan Club.

– Talk to Bob and he will repeat every word you say with a funny voice.
– Poke Bob’s head to see his balloon head.
– Touch Bob’s belly to see his big stomach.
– Brought to you by N8 Fan Club
– Pet Bob’s belly to make him laugh.
– Swipe Bob’s body left and right to see his flexible hips.
– Touch Bob’s feet, swipe Bob’s legs.
– Record and save your voices. Play them back whenever you want.

Enjoy fun and laughter with Bob!