Nokia 808 Pure View – Teaser Video – Stunning Nokia N8’s Successor – Going to Reveal at 27th February

These days there are a lot of rumors and speculations on many blogs regarding Nokia 808 Pure View (Nokia N8’s successor), when we will be going to see a real Nokia N8’s successor into existence?

As most of us already know that, Nokia has adapted WP OS as its primary smart phone platform, but they have had promised to support Symbian Smart Phones till 2016. There are many Symbian Lovers which hate this decision taken by Nokia and its management to adapt WP OS.

Why is that so?

Symbian Smart Phones are far ahead in terms of wide functionality they offer. There is no Smart Phone available from any other company which could offer all great features offered by Nokia’s Symbian Devices like Nokia N8 had offered, its a complete smart phone in every aspect.

Features of Symbian Smart Phones (Specifically Nokia N8)

  • Best Signal Reception
  • Awesome Battery Life
  • True Digital Camera Replacement (thanks to 12MP Carl Zeiss Lens with Powerful Xenon Flash)
  • USB-OTG (Helps to connect USB devices like Flash drives and even USB Input Devices)
  • Live Multi-Tasking (App-Switching)
  • FM-Transmitter (Haven’t seen this awesome feature on any other device except for Symbian devices, was first introduced in Nokia N78)

The above mentioned features are still great enough, but as you know, we have to move ahead with time, these days there are dual core and even quad core monsters phones available, but they can’t offer all the above mentioned great features.

What Symbian Users Demand from Nokia?

A True Successor to Nokia N8, which must offer more features than Nokia N8 in terms of improvements in the current device.
  • Improved Display Resolution
  • N9 style of hardware design
  • Dual Stereo Dolby Speakers
  • Swipe UI integration
  • Symbian Carla or may be Donna OS
  • Excellent Internet Browser
  • Extra-ordinary Camera with Xenon and LED (At least 16MP Carl Zeiss Lens)
  • Optimized Processor (At-least 1Ghz)
  • More RAM (At-least 512MB)
  • And keeping USB-OTG, HDMI-OUT and FM-TRANSMITTER intact

When should we expect Nokia 808 Pure View?

Nokia has just released the teaser video regarding Nokia Pure View, that video is in 1080p, so 1080p HD hardware is surely the part of Nokia Pure View. They are going to reveal it on 27th February in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress. So we could expect a true Nokia N8’s successor this year from Nokia. Keep your hopes high 🙂

Let us know what are you expecting via comments…