Music Launcher 1.05 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

With Music Launcher you can organize your music into folders. Selecting what to play is as easy as selecting several folders. Music Launcher supports sub-folders, and also individual files can be selected/unselected inside each folder. This way of organizing music has two main advantages over the”modern” way of organizing music as Artists-Albums-Genres-Playlists:

*. You can have your compilations into folders, and you just need to select those folders to play the desired compilations. In the Artists-Albums-Genres-Playlists way of organizing music this can be achieved only by creating a playlist, which is time-consuming and rigid.
*. You can listen to different music each time you startlistening: just select some folders from your music, including your compilation folders. No need tocreate a playlist each time you want to listen to something else.
Music Launcher plays the same music formats as the Music Player that comes with your phone. It also supports album art, and on some devices, crossfadingbetween tracks.
Music Launcher allows you to do some management to your music files: move, rename, delete files and folders and create new folders.
You can send Music Launcher to your friends by Bluetooth or you can send them the URL from where to download by SMS. Spread the fun!
It is easy to stay up-to-date with new versions of Music Launcher. The application has a “Check for Updates” command that allows you to download andinstall new versions, once they become available.
A: You need an S60/Symbian phone that has 3rd edition or above (Symbian Anna, Belle should work as well).
Note- Many new features: support for FLAC and OggVorbis with the additional plugin that can be downloaded here.

What’s New in This Release
* MLauncher knows 2 types of playlists: music and audio book. Music playlists will by default be randomized and crossfaded, audio books playlists will not.
* There are 2 types of “Source“ folders: music and audio books.
* FLAC and ogg files are supported by installing an additional plugin.
* All Symbian version since 3rd edition supported, including Symbian Anna and Belle.
* Bulgarian translation (localisation) to Kostadin Kolev.
* Many fixes, some performance improvements.

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