Call Cartoon 1.5(25) – Display Personalized Caller Animations – S^3 – Anna – Nokia N8 – Free App Download

CC (Call Cartoon) calls fancy software. CC software will keep your cellphone and cell phone calls or call from a friend when display personalized animations or pictures.


1, new way of feelings. We pass to wish friends and feelings in the past, usually using text messaging, e-mail, voice, mail and other means, now CC software can enable a new way of feelings. Pictures by animation or set for a friend’s mobile phone calls and send best wishes. When your friends are whenanswering thephone, you can see the animation that you set for TA carefully or picture, and see you and blessed TA (CC software installed two phones).
2, new random display of an animation. You can also set multiple calls animation, animation, when youcall, answer a call when you set more than one animation can randomly display, your animation at any time
3, new calls, and outgoing effects. CC software changed phones answered in the past, or when you call a flat screen, can show personalized animations or pictures, keep your mobile phone-Hyun!
4, very convenient for sending multimedia messages. When wewant to send a multimedia message when MMS animations do not know where to go looking, CC software provides thousands of MMS animations for you to download, at holidaytime, easily send an MMS to your friends, relatives, friends, lovers, giving them a whole new experience.
5, identify incoming calls, CC software answered or when you call, information in real time the number of areas.
6, supports WIFI link functionality at all times save your traffic.
7, animation classification features make you easier to find your favorite animation at any time, easily set.
8,“my animation” makes you avariety of settings at a glance