Playman Winter Games – Nokia N8 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – J2ME – Free Game Download

Playman Winter Games is one of many games in Mr. Goodliving’s Playman series of sports games. The game was originally 2D, but this version is remade in full 3D. As in the 2D version it features four common winter sports events:

  • Biathlon
  • Slalom
  • Ski Jump
  • Bobsleigh

Three game modes exist: the training mode where the player can improve his skills in each event, the single event mode where the player gets to compete in any of the events against 10 opponents or against his own personal best, and the tournament mode where the player competes in all four events.

In Biathlon the player skis by pressing the correct key when the tip of his skis touches the blue or orange signs that appear on the track. If this is done correctly the player gains speed, if not he loses speed. Shooting is done by pressing the correct number in the right order as fast as possible. Missing will lead to a five second penalty.

In Slalom the player uses the right and left keys to steer his skier through each gate in the slope. Sharper turns leads to decreased speed and missing a gate leads to a time penalty of five seconds.

In Ski Jump the player has to hit the action button when near the ramp to gain start gaining power and then once again when the power meter is full to take off. For a good jump the player needs to time the jump as near the edge as possible. Once in air the player has to balance by using the left and right keys. To land the player presses the action button again when both skies are straight. The player gets a score that’s based on both style and jump length.

In Bobsleigh the player steers his sleigh by pressing left or right. A circle helps him to see if he’s on the optimal spot and by succeeding with this the speed increases.

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