Photography Experience using Nokia N8 by Shreader Nasid

Hey everyone, just like you I’m also a photography enthusiast and I love taking shots with cell phone cameras, I have had experience with most leading camera phones but the one that managed to steal my geeky little heart was, is and always will be the Nokia N8. Rumors are spreading that a successor will be released but before that the N8 is what we have got and let’s get to know a few basics about being a mobile photographer. I don’t pretend to be a pro because frankly speaking I am still an amateur and every single moment I am learning new things. I have prepared this presentation for the people who are keen to learn anything that are related to photography, hope you guys will like it.

As we all know the Nokia N8 comes with a 12mpx camera, a mechanical shutter, a powerful xenon flash, a 28mm wide-angle lens and a front glass made out of hardened glass and a built-in ND filter that compensates for the lack of variable aperture in extremely bright conditions.
1. Let’s start with landscapes, well I am not that good in this department but I can give you a pointer or two. First of all, to capture stunning landscapes turn on the landscape mode, cause with the auto focus, the camera tends to focus in the center of the view finder and as a result many parts of the photo turns out to be a little blurry or out of focus. Take the time to switch to landscape mode because the scene is not fleeing away from you, after that change the color tone to vivid. I know many will start debating that the natural color is cool, I know it is. But the general eye always goes for the candy that looks vivid and this helps a lot too. If the situation is too bright then change the white balance to cloudy, this will produce an image that sooths the eyes.

Because of the super image processing of n8 and also the big lens the Nokia N8 can capture landscapes even with sports mode. The image bellow is an example, it may not look much but this image was captured while traveling in my car at over 98kms/h.

2. As I have said before I am not good at landscapes’ but one of my favorite is subject oriented landscapes. Rules are the same but here I recommend the auto focus.

Taking landscape shots in low light can be troublesome but subject oriented low light landscapes are a breeze with the N8. (Don’t rely on post processing too much, pre-process the image before taking the shot by playing with all the features)

Timing is also crucial because u get different kind of natural lighting in different times of the day as well as in different seasons throughout the year. Keep that in mind and you can take lots of amazing shots with your phone. You don’t always need a DSLR camera to shoot that fantasy like photo you have seen on a pro photographer’s port folio. You can have your own shot by just catching the right moment. 30 minutes before evening is a really good time to capture some stunning natural lighting situations. Look around you to find something that will make your photo more interesting and also good looking. Capturing the right moment allows the viewer to get lost in the image.

Play a little with the camera, change the position and you might just get a stunning shot. Changing the position creates a difference with the cameras light absorbing methods. Each shot looks different from different angles cause with every different angel, light enters the camera a bit differently thus creating an illusion of darkness and lighting.

You don’t really know what surprises you will find, let’s see the ND filter in action, Shall we.

3. Now let’s talk about an interesting field of photography, Light Trails. To capture trails you need a camera that can take photos with slow shutter speed, unfortunately you can’t control the shutter speed of Nokia N8 but that doesn’t restrict you to take trails. You don’t have to take shots of never ending light trails on a road; you just need an interesting photo that looks great. For that the n8 is more than capable. Take a walk in the evening at turn on the night mode, take several shots. It’s the easiest way and you will develop techniques of your own.

4. Concept, unusual and people shots. When it comes to these fields you have to keep your eyes open and look for anything interesting happening around you. Concept shots can include shots of people, nature or even old junk. Doesn’t really matter cause everything conveys a meaning, all you have to do is portray that meaning in the way you see it but make it understandable to the rest of the world.

Some times common and natural things can result in a great shot.

Use nature provided objects and turn them into great subjects.

Capture people doing the work they do (For instance, Beggars while begging, kids while playing… etc…)

I like concept shots in B&W. B&W can be a great weapon if you master it, the lighting, tones and even the noises In low light can be used to create a good shot. Don’t throw away noisy snaps, turn them into the shot you wanted to take.

When taking serious concept shots (shots that convey a really important meaning) go for low light B&W shots and rest assured you won’t be disappointed.

You see, even noises can be used to make a good photo. Search for the truth hidden beneath the mind and the atmosphere, look around, destiny waits.

5. Freeze the day, seize the moment, live your life to fullest. Capturing short moments can bring amazing results and most importantly a smile on your face 🙂

6. High Dynamic Range Photographs are on the top chart now and everyone’s going crazy about these shots. They can bring amazing results if you get it right. Three shots combined into one. People are busy taking HDR landscapes but again “I am not that good at taking landscapes” so I decided to go on a different path. Why not HDR concept photography??? I have taken a few landscapes but I am getting addicted to the concepts.

As HDR takes three shots one after another, it can be used to produce many kind of images.

HDR People

Sometimes you can capture the souls of people with HDR Camera… lol… just kidding

7. There is always room for unusual and funny stuff too, just point and shoot. The more you shoot the more closer you get to become a good photographer.

Do a little experiment. Go underwater, I mean literally go underwater and take shots. You don’t know what you will find. There are different kinds of underwater camera bags available at the market and most of them are cheap. Grab one and get yourself underwater.

8. I have started with the biggest and I was hoping to end it with something small, YES. I am talking about Macro shots. Macros can be amazing. Insects and flowers are great macro subjects and are easy to find. Some insects are hard to shoot as they move around too much, but after you get the shot all seems worth the toil.

Just like people concepts, try macro concepts. Capture insects doing their jobs.

Macro shouldn’t always be insects or flowers; it can be normal everyday items too. Just look at things deeply and you’ll find great subjects all around you.

Well here you go guys. I hope this will help you a little or give you a tiny little push towards your photography goals using our beloved Nokia N8. Always remember,  
***Never try to imitate the pros, be yourself n show yourself. The pro’s started the journey being armature’s just like you and me*** 
A few tips
1. Develop your own techniques (just practice). 
2. Don’t use digital zoom, crop the image if necessary. 
3. Use the rule of thirds in most shots, not just people shots. 
4. Bend the rules, but to do that you must first know the rules and the things is, there are no rules.  
Happy Shooting guys!!

Article written by Shreader Nasid. All snaps in this article are taken using Nokia N8 by Shreader Nasid.