Language Switcher 1.5.4 – Symbian^3 – Anna – Belle – Signed – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

Small application that allow you quickly switch input language by pressing a hotkey. The app is configured to processing a long pressing the red button by default. All system functions which are assigned to a short press will not changed and applications will also be hided or closed.

Program configurations:
– Select key. In the given item the assign hotkey, which will be used to switch the language.
– Long press. At activation of the given item the program will react (language switching) to long press hotkey.
– Autostart. On or off automatic start of the program at phone start.
– L-wind. (Only for devices with a touch-sensitive display!) handle of window mapping. Read in appropriate section of the given manual in more details.
– Supported languages. A choice of languages which will be involved in switching.
– Black list. Activating this option you on processing of the hotkey in all applications, an exception are only applications specified in the item “Rules for programs” (see par. “Rules for programs”).
– White list. Activating this option you off processing of the hotkey in all applications, an exception are only applications specified in the item “Rules for programs” (see par. “Rules for programs”).
– Rules for programs. In this item applications with “rules” are assigned. For black and white lists of their lists of rules. In rules to the program it is possible to assign language by default and behaviour of window L-wind (only for devices with a touch-sensitive display).
Program usage:
To work properly you need to configure it. This is done as follows.
In the program there are two important items without which configuration program work is not possible, they are marked with an exclamation mark on the left.
At the first item (Select key) you select a hotkey. To do this you need to press the key you like, then click “Done” to save changes.
At the second item (Supported languages) select languages of input used by you and press a key “Ok” for saving of results.
After configuration of these two items the program is completely ready for work.
You may also need rules for the appointment of program you use. To do this you need to select the type of rules, black or white lists, and add much needed programs at the item of “Rules for programs”. More information on these two items, see the section “Program configurations” in this guide.
Usage of addition LS changer:
If you, for some reason, does not suit the native handler hotkeys you can take advantage of third parties. For example on the E-series have the opportunity to switch to assign shortcuts to mail, contacts or calendar. To do this, the main application LangSwitcher you must specify the supported languages and to switch off auto-run applications. And assign LS changer in your handler hotkeys.
Window L-wind:
The window is intended for switching of language by a touch to it.
In the relevant item of the program configuration you can choose whether to display a window on top of all applications. If you disable this window, you can configurate its appearance in the item “Rules for programs, the application configuration.
You can change a window position simple dragging in the necessary position.
Window size also is configurable, for this ‘catch’ the extreme right corner of the window and then drag the stylus to the desired size of the window.
What’s new:
‚óŹ More correct language switching on the sensor devices.
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