Symbian Anna Firmware Update v25.007 is now available for all Nokia N8 and S^3 US Variants

Long awaited Symbian Anna update (25.007) for Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices with US variants is now available for all United States customers. To update your device just type *#0000# on your phone and check for the updates, alternatively you can check for the update using Nokia Suite or Nokia Software Updater.

“We are very pleased to announce that Symbian Anna (025.007) is now available in the US for all Nokia C6-01, Nokia E7 and Nokia N8 US models!

Please find a full list of US product codes below, that can now download Symbian Anna. (To check your product code, just type *#0000# on your phone.)

Generic North America Vanilla variants

C6-01 059C3W3 / 059C3W4 / 059C3P6 / 059C3P9

E7 059C996 / 059C997 / 059C998 / 059C999 / 059C9B0

N8 059G196 / 0599218 / 0599222 / 0599226 / 0599230 / 0599236

US Customized variants:

E7 059F6L7 / 059F6L8

N8 059D111 / 059C8T6 / 059D110 / 059D112 / 059G700 / 059D0V2


  • Fresher, renewed look with new icons and wallpapers, and split screen view for Messaging, Mail, Browser, Phonebook, Calendar, and Maps
  • Improved full QWERTY virtual keypad with split screen view and faster access to special characters
  • New, faster and easier-to-use browser, with new search features, and most used features available with one tap.
  • New Maps version, with improved search, a public transport network view, and a new Check-in feature for sharing info about places through social networking services
  • Improved calendar, enabling you to create and accept meeting invitations through
  • Mail Microsoft Communicator Mobile available
  • Improved information and communication security
  • New versions of Ovi Store and QuickOffice
  • Performance and usability improvements

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please be sure to check our online FAQs for Symbian Anna: