RSnavi 1.0 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

The RSnavi navigation software is designed for determining location and orienteering with the help of data from the GPS receiver and the calculated position of the sun and the moon. The program runs on smartphones with Symbian OS. The nearest populated places aredisplayed with the direction and distance to them specified (morethan 3 million populated places worldwide). It is possible to save,load and text the current location. Features: 1. You can see your coordinates obtained from GPS together with speed and direction of themotion; 2. Additionally to cardinal points shows the calculated azimuth of the sun and/or the moon.
This is useful for orienteering,especially in the beginning of the movement. 3. The nearest populated places are displayed with the directionand distance to them specified (more than 3 million populatedplaces worldwide) 4. The location information can be sent by means of text messages that are automatically detected by RSnavi running on the recipient’s device. The directionand distance to the sender is displayed on the navigation screen. 5. It is possible to save current location as landmark and to load this landmark later 6. The trip computer shows the current, maximum, average speed and distance of the trip and the current, minimum andmaximum elevation above the sea level

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