Nokia Kinetic – Flexible and Water Proof Touch Display Prototype Devices at Nokia World 2011

Guys at IntoMobile were able to point out Flexible and bendable touch screen display prototypes of Nokia at Nokia World 2011. These devices are water proof, as one of the representative told in the video that you can even wash it under the tap and it won’t effect the usability of this flexible device by Nokia.

You can bend and twist the device to perform the functions like pan and zoom and such similar sort of functions. These devices are very interesting and unique in their nature. The operating system and other specifications of these devices are still unknown, however as soon as we’ll catch up some more information, we’ll update this post for sure. You can watch the out the unique video which actually gives real demonstration of device usage.

When these Kinetic devices gona hit the mass market? The representative answered it with “Hopefully soon”. We are anxiously waiting for such innovative and unique devices by Nokia. Let us know what do you think about these brand new and unique devices by Nokia?