Light Ctrl 1.52 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

By the time-out control
All lighting is controlled by the by the overtime, working hours, as well as control the various lights common decision, if there is no overtime, and during working hours, lighting control, or not controlled.
From state control:
If prospects have a program is running, the main screen Changliang lights, or lighting control by the system, but are still subject to restrictions on working hours. Note: Thestandby mode and the menu is not controlled. Keyboard is locked, the lights are not controlled.

Control procedures to support the three- screen background lights the way:
Close lights: Effective work in the time frame to close thelights.
Open the lights: Effective work in the time frame, open the light, while the use of screen brightness settings.
Controlled by the system: Lighting control by the system, but its impact on overtime by this procedure, the actual timeout to set up than the system length.

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