Carnival Blast – Multiple Games – S^3 – Anna – Belle – J2ME – Nokia N8 – Free Game Download

Puzzle Cup:
Choose the amount you want to bet, and touch the screen. If you locate the hidden ball correctly, your bet money doubles. Or else you will lose the money. There are totally 10 levels.

Smash the Pumpkin:
Touch on the Pumpkin to break them! Break all the pumpkins as it appears within the given time. Avoid the red and pink color pumpkins, or you will lose 5 points. If you fail to break the pumpkins you will lose 5 points.

Choose your bet money and touch lever to form a line of three in a row. You can also hold the row of your choice before you hit spin again. The pay table lists the money you win for different icons.

Shoot the Duck:
Shoot the ducks with in the given time to complete the levels successfully. If you shoot the red buck, you will lose points. So watch out! There are totally 5 levels.

The aim of this game is to reduce the points that you have selected to zero. First, select the points to begin the game. Touch the moving cursor on the horizontal and vertical co-ordinates to place the darts on the board at a position where you desire. The points are reduced as you strike the darts on the board. The dart that brings the score to zero must be a double (i.e., it must be an even number) or the bullseye. If you reduce the score to 1 or below 0 the score is best.

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