Arise Joyeye FX Lite 2.1.0 build 400 – SIGNED – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Free App Download

Version: 2.1.0(build 400)
Important Notice:
1. Joyeye Lite is Ad enabled;
2. Less effects in Joyeye Lite than Joyeye FX.

– Fixed the problem that “Content” input box is cutted off in “Share to web site” window with landscape mode;
– Fixed the error that the splash screen is set to “off” in “System” in “Settings”, and then system crashs if openning the “Settings” again;
– Fixed the issue that some texts on the top of the screen are cutoff in “Sign up/Sign in” window;
– Fixed the crash issue during filtering process;
– Fixed the problem in ‘Frame’ filters;
– Fixed the crash problem when returning from Preview window to Camera window in S60 v3;
– Fix the problem that there is only the first photo can be captured by the camera shutter key when selecting multi-lens filters;
– Fix the queue problem that a new photo can not be added into the queue while there has been already a photo uploading in the queue;
– Fix the problem that photos can not be captured due to the toolbar issue on Symbian^3;
– Add the new icons for those new filters;
– Fix the bugs in all ‘Frame’ filters;

– Improve LOMO darkcorner to make the boundary much natural and smooth;
– Fix the problem combining multiple photos to multi-lens filter window;
– Fix the problem causing the last photo could not be captured correctly in multi-lens camera window;
– Improve filters efficiency: E2C, Kaleidoscope, Lowkey Luxuriance, Color Sketch, Vintage, etc;
– Fixed several important bugs in Symbian ^3 platform, such as the app is always closed when open ‘Camera’; the preview screen is not correct in landscape mode, etc;
– Rewrite the procedure of Frame filters to make them much more stable;
– Fixed the problem for camera flash option does not work in 5rd version;
– Fixed the problem – the toolbar and the menu bar could not pop and use again after poping up flash and precet menu in 5rd version;
– Improved the efficiency and memory cost in post processing for multple lens in 5rd version;
– Fixed the icon for ‘burst’ and ‘same’ disappeared in multiple lens window in 3rd version;
– Add shortcut keys tips in the camera window in 3rd version;
– Fix the problem that Joyeye could NOT start while it is installed on the second memory card(i.e. F: drive);
– Fix the problem that the time of startup is too long;
– Fix deadlock problem in uploading queue, to spped up sharing, and auto-retransmission for failure of bad signal of mobile;
– Add “toolbar”;
– Add “flash mode” and “preset mode”(scene mode) selection;
– More elegant and efficient algorithms;
– Support camera shutter key;
– Supports auto-focus;
– Add more friendly tips in Camera and Filter window;
– Joyeye menu just pop up while a new image captured from Camera, but any new files are written to file system;
– Joyeye menu can be disabled much easily;
– Support to take photo without a memory card;
– Correct ‘Camera shutter sound’ label in ‘Multimedia’ tab in ‘Settings’;
– More…

– Feedback for Joyeye is added;
– Full screen preview in Camera viewfinder;
– Semi-transparent toolbar;
– Digital zooming: in S60 3rd, digital key 2 and 5 to zoom in/out;
– Multi-lens exposure: show the process to capture and joint multiple lens;
– Switch between multiple exposure and multiple same lens: in S60 3rd, digital key 8 is for this;
– Add image quality factor to control the qualify of photos captured in Joyeye(from “Settings)”;
– Add option to control the color of gap in multiple lens filters(from “Settings”);
– Add option in ‘Settings’-‘Multimedia’ to enable or disable ‘Dark Corners’ in LOMO One and Fisheye effects;
– Many individual effects for Joyeye FX and Joyeye Lite are published in Ovi store;
– Support more social networks;
– Add help;
– More…

– Sketch ROI
– Childhood;
– Gloomy Blue;
– 3-lens;
– vertical 4-lens;
– Yellow Fantasy(Cross-Processing);
– Vintage;
– Lowkey Luxuriance;
– More…

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