Puntalo v1.80 – Mobile security and Family protection – Symbian Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Free App Download

See the position of all your Symbian, Apple and Android phones or tablets from any device connected to the internet. With puntalo you can track your children or keep a protective eye on people suffering from alzheimer with SMS and email notifications. Puntalo can help find your family members in case of natural disasters. If you do lose your phone, puntalo allows you to find it again or protect your identity with remote wiping.

Puntalo protects your privacy and the privacy of the people you care. You and only you can see their position, the tracks will never be disclosed, rented or sold.

Service works worlwide and it is provided in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French and Russian. Download the application to protect your own phone, setting up one notification area and one notification recipient is free.

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