Nokia Wellness Diary 2.04 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Beta Version App Download

Get a healthier lifestyle! Wellness Diary helps you to build healthy habits into your daily routine in many areas – diet, exercise, sleep, stress etc. Tracking your progress is simple and proven to be highly effective. Improve your health and wellness every day. With Wellness Diary on your phone you will be able to change your lifestyle for the better. Self-monitoring is proven to be extremely effective in lifestyle changes. Wellness Diary makes monitoring of your day-to-day wellness almost effortless, helping you to build healthy habits into your daily routine.

Self-monitoring can double your chances of meeting your wellbeing goals. Wellness Diary is based on solid scientific evidence in the field of behavioral change management. Research has shown that self-monitoring is an effective method for improving your health behavior. As an example, people who monitored their weight on a daily basis were considerably more successful (with almost double the success) in weight management than those monitoring themselves less often. Taking daily measurements is important. Therefore we have designed Wellness Diary to make daily self-monitoring of your wellness easy, with automatic functions and reminders, and graphical displays of your progress.

With Wellness Diary on your phone you’ll be able to monitor your health and wellness day-to-day, and make small changes to achieve your long term goals. In the near future you’ll also be able to share your progress with friends via social networks.

If you’d like coaching or expert advice, or feedback on your progress, we are happy to tell you that you’ll be able to use Wellness Diary with a variety of professional third party services in the near future. These will be wellness services like general health coaching, smoking cessation, personal training, or nutritionist support. We are currently in discussions with several partners.

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