Nokia Energy Profiler v1.26 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

The Nokia Energy Profiler is an application that enables developers and device users to examine power consumption and several other parameters on S60 devices. The reporting provided by the Nokia Energy Profiler enables developers to identify and improve application functions that consume excessive amounts of power and thus to create higher-quality applications.

* Power consumption, as well as battery voltage and current. View the results as cool line graphics.
* Cumulative energy consumption.
* Processor activity.
* RAM use. Watch the processor load during applications.
* IP-network speeds. Check your internet connection speed.
* Mobile-network signal strengths. Investigate cellular network’s coverage.
* 3G Timers.
* WLAN signal strength.
* Touch UI support with tap areas, icons, and the ability to scroll graphs by dragging them. In addition, manual screen shots can be taken using the power key on touch-based devices.
* New data collection for:
o WLAN received signal strength in dBm.
o 3G cellular network T1 and T2 timers.
* New graphing features, including the ability to select a time period (the paint graph-area feature), a grey background to indicate the backlight is on, a red line to indicate that a charger is connected, and battery current shown in milliamperes (mA).
* Improved CSV output, including time stamped data items and all data values.

– Not available

To get NEP working again when Battery Monitor installed:
1) Uninstall Battery Monitor app.
2) Uninstall NBM Service and NBM Installer (note: uninstalling NBM Installer might fail).
3) Reboot.
4) Now NEP should work again.

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