KillerMobile AmigoTones 1.0 – S^3 – Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

Personalized Ring Tones are definitely old news. Personalized SMS Tones? Sure, seen those as well. Personalized Social Networking Tones? Now that’s new!

Application Details:

WHO – Everyone & Nearly Everything is Covered!
Manual Number Entries
Private/Withheld/Unknown Number
Call & Messaging Logs
All Contacts
All Non Contacts
All Callers
Plus set an optional Keyword Trigger!

WHAT – Free yourself from simple ring tones! AmigoTones allows you the most options available
System/Default Ring Tones
Music Files
Silent Tone (mute tone)
Record your own audio file directly from the app
Custom Vibrate Tones
Vibrate, ring, ring and vibrate, vibrate then ring, ring then vibrate

WHERE – Different Notifications for Different Locations
As easy as pointing on a map
Then set the radius
Viola – you’re done!
Plus since you can set a truly unlimited number of AmigoTones, you can set multiple AmigoTones for the same contact/number based on different locations!

WHEN – That Perfect Tone, only WHEN you want it!
Choose a From – To Time period
Pick the Days
Finally, Full Control over your tones!

HOW – The icing on the Tone Cake
One volume doesn’t fit all – you choose
Don’t want a five minute ring tone, but love that song? Set how long you want the tone to play
Ascending volume? Yep, AmigoTones™ has it
Really, Really hate missing those important calls when your mobile is on Silent Profile? Let your VIP’s break through with our Silent Profile Override setting

1- Microsoft .NET framework V2.0 Or Above requires to run keygen
2- Create the folder on your Device that mention in keygen before input register Code!

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