How to add Custom Theme Effects on Hacked Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle – Tutorial

The leaked and hacked version of Belle is now capable to run custom theme effects by using some tools, patches and mods. We will explain, how will you be able to get these effects on your Symbian Belle devices.


  • Hacked Belle Firmware (Usually the hacked firmware has following tools available by default)
    • ROM Patcher
    • C2Z4BIN_Thumb Patch (Available inside the download package)
    • Open4All Patch (Would be available with ROM Patcher Download package)
  • Modded Effects (Available inside the download package)

There are 2 base packages based upon the location, which your prefer either C:/ phone memory or E:/ mass memory (choose the one you prefer):

1. Base package – Effects from (Effects get loaded from C:/data/effects)
2. Base package – Effects from (Effects get loaded from E:/effects)

Detailed Procedure: (These files are present inside the download package)

1. Add c2z4bin on rompatcher to Autostart with domainsrv
2. Download Base package – Effects from C or E
3. copy “Sys” and “Resource” folder to C:/ (internal memory) and overwrite existing files
3. Copy Effect files (.fxml) to C:/data/effects or E:/effects (depending on which Base package you have installed)
4. Enjoy stunning theme effects on your hacked Symbian Belle Device.

To activate new effects go to Themes > options > themeeffects, set them to off and activate again afterwards.

Or just reboot phone!

Now new effects get loaded!

Credit of this mod goes to: nuttenlova

Wondering how to remove them and revert back to the original theme effects? We have included the original theme effect files inside the download package, so that you guys can revert back easily.

How to revert back to original state?
-copy original effects from download package
-disable c2z4bin patch from ROM Patcher
-delete aknskinsrv.dll from C:/Sys/bin

Click below to download