4squick v0.95 – Symbian Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Full Version App Download

Basically you are able to check-in to places, see who’s there, lookup nearby places and see some stats. Browsing/adding friends, tips/todos etc are still missing. This update does not support for Symbian^1 devices,it brings couple of new features together with few UI improvements.

Known issues
Entire photo archive cannot be seen from 4squick. Newest 30 photos are selectable.
After taking new photos, they are not visible in 4squick until user presses refresh.
After taking a new photo, it might take a couple of seconds for the new photo to show up. Press refresh again if it’s not there.
If installation fails, you can try this version without Smart Installer.
Opening Camera while 4squick is opened might cause 4squick to crash. This is a known Qt bug


  • Upload photo to venues, check-ins and tips
  • Upload photo to a tip you wrote earlier
  • Show tip photos
  • Multiple fixes and UI modifications

Click below to download