Split Screen View for Symbian Anna in Some Regions Would be Fixed in Next Symbian Software Update

Nokia N8 users from different regions have reported that after updating to Symbian Anna, they haven’t received SPLIT SCREEN VIEW with their portrait / landscape keyboard. Nokia has officially addressed this issue on Facebook on their Official Nokia Malaysia Fan Page. Nokia is working to build support for that feature for the affected firmwares and would be fixed with next Symbian software update. (We hope that Nokia would release a minor update to fix this issue rather than fixing it in Symbian BELLE PR 3.0)

To all Symbian users. There are some country exceptions to the split-view functionality, Malaysia being one of them. Nokia is working to build support for the feature for all the affected countries with the next Symbian software update.

Fix for Split Screen on Conversations App in Symbian Anna: UNINSTALL CONVERSATION APPLICATION and CONVERSATION SERVER in the Applications Manager. No need to hard reset the phone. And voila! You now have a split screen for their conversations. (Thanks to Chris)