Official Camera App Update for Nokia N8 with Symbian Anna – 30FPS Video Recording with Continuous Autofocus – Download

Camera update for Nokia N8 with Symbian Anna

Previously Nokia had published a similar camera update which claimed to have 30FPS video recording enabled, while it was still on 25FPS due to some programming error in that update. Today Nokia has published the updated version which truly offers 30FPS video recording. This application is an upgrade to the built-in camera application, for your Nokia N8. It will look familiar to you, no doubt. It’s still the great N8 camera, providing superb results. We’ve just made it a little better by making some of the improvements we didn’t manage to squeeze into the Symbian Anna release.

We tweaked the UI, to provide camera aficionados faster access to essential camera controls. We improved the quality of recorded videos, by cranking up the video recording speed to 30 FPS and adding the heavily requested continuous auto-focus.

This camera update is for the Nokia N8 with Symbian Anna. If you do not yet have Symbian Anna, you can check for it at or from your device Tools -> SW update.

Not Compatible With
We will not be releasing similar beta for other products (C7, C6-01, E7, X7, E6) due to the differences in camera hardware.

Click below to download – Updated August 23, 2011