Menu Switch v1.1 – S^3 – Free Nokia N8 Mod Download – For Hacked Devices Only

MenuSwitch S ^ 3 is an application that allow you to switch from 3×4 to 4×4 menu – 4×5 – 4×6 – 5×6 with a simple click, each icon MenuSwitch touch the grid of menu changes periodically according to the sequence shown above, arrived at ‘ 5×6 mode, the last to return to the 3×4. The grid is always in landscape mode but portrait 6×2 5×6 8×3 where it becomes. The application is specific for S ^ 3 and is based on the initial version of MenuSwitch made ​​by Dan for 5th-av. The author of MenuSwitch S ^ 3 is Ancelab Daily Mobile who thanked SQR for Auto Macro, and av-dan CODeRUS for Custom Grids.

MenuSwitch The version posted is the V 1.1 and V differs from 1.0 (the first relay) for the opportunity to choose at the installation font size, small or big, of course you have to choose only one of two options (my screen refer to the way big fonts.) Instructions: 1-Turn from Rompatcher installserver patch unless you have modded the installserver. MenuSwitch Install 2-D ^ 3. MenuSwitch 3-click (one click at a time) to change the grid in the sequence menu. This version does not work properly on Symbian MenuSwitch Anna but the author is working on version V 1.2 for full compatibility.

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