Flying Bus v1.0 – Symbian Anna – Belle – Nokia N8 – Free Game Download


The Qt Quick Flying Bus is a simple game that uses Qt Quick because of its ease of use, powerful State/Animation API and compact syntax. This game is developed by Adriano Rezende. To start the game concept, a design team created an image set and some flash animations to be used as reference. With this first concept ready, the first version of the game was created in less than a day using QML. After this bootstrap, there were some incremental changes, like new elements and new behaviors.

NOTE: Installing this Qt Quick game on your Symbian^3 device will also install a beta version of Qt 4.7.1 which may cause the Ovi Store client or other Qt-based applications to fail. Until we update the apps with Qt 4.7.2 we advise you to not use your personal phone.

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