Crop n Extract Face from Snapshot in Nokia N8 via FaceExtractor v1.0 – S^3 – Full Version App Download

FaceExtractor: Extract People’s Faces from Any Snapshot

Produce uniform contact pictures and avatars out of any snapshot! FaceExtractor automatically detects and extracts human faces from snapshots taken with your camera phone, producing tightly cropped images of people’s faces that you can assign to your phonebook contacts or social networks avatars, share or email.

Perfect Avatar Images Every Time

FaceExtractor is based on STOIK’s extensive experience in face detection and face recognition, producing perfect crops every time you use it in full auto.

Simple Contact Pictures

Assigning facial pictures to a contact entry is easy as one-two-three. Take a snapshot. Launch FaceExtractor. Assign the face to a phonebook contact. It’s just that simple.

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