Symbian Anna PR 2.0 for Nokia C7 – Ported from Nokia Astound – Download Now

This Symbian Anna Custom Firmware has been ported from Nokia Astound (RM-671) for Nokia C7 (RM-675). Credit of this firmware (RKY CFW) goes to Rawand Kurdy. Nokia C7 owners can have Symbian Anna update on their Smart Phone using this Custom Firmware.

Change logs:

  • Removed all T-Mobile cers and files. ( now no need to remove rofs3 from flashing )
  • Added Bulgarian-German-Hungarian-Romanian-Russian-Ukrainian-dutch-french-German-Italian-Turkish (Reading Support)
  • Added Russian , Turkish, German languages for Full UI (Read n Write Support)
  • Anna Icons added ( Ported from X7 But not all icons )
  • RKY Theme added With Full Anna icons ( By RKY )
  • RKY Theme sets as the default theme 
  • System Video Player Updated to Support subtitles 
  • Menu reorganized
  • Rompatcher+ v3.0 Added to The Core ( Now you will have a hacked phone for Ever )
  • Rompatcher+ v3.0 AutoStart for cfw ( by nicesoni_ash ) added 
  • FileBrowser v4.5.2 added ( Recompiled By CoDerUs )
  • My Nokia Startup Message Disabled 
  • 6 Home Screens capabilities, yet you have only one screen after flash or a hard reset.
  • when You exit the Camera it will not stay on the Background 
  • x7 – anna effects added
  • speed (Performance ) improved
  • vibration on calls sets to (turn off)
  • General Profile Renamed To RKY
  • getting landscape unlock screen like E7 have. added

How to Flash Symbian Anna on Nokia C7 with Pheonix?

Download Phoenix over here

1. Connect your phone to pc with usb but leave your phone on and click Connections in Phoenix and choose “No Connection” and then click “File” and “Open Product” from drop down box. Choose “RM-675” and then click “Flashing” from the toolbar. Click “Firmware Update”.

2. A new box opens and click on the bluish button with 3 dots in it and choose your variant i.e APAC black or whatever.. Then check the ‘Dead Usb Flashing” box.

3. Click on options at the bottom of this drop down box and a new box appears with your Fw from your RM-675 folder in Nokia/Phoenix/Products…

4. Delete all the Firmware files in this Box and then click “Add” and click on the small button with the 3 dots in it and go to where you have the RKY CFW and add the CORE  and then click the “type” button and choose “Image” and then check the refurbish box and then ok… Repeat this for the ROFS 2/3 but in the type button box, choose PPM for the ROFS 2/3 and CONTENT for the UDA remembering to check the “refurbish” button untill all 4 files from CRW are in the “FLASHING FILES” box. Click ok when all 4 files are uploaded from wherever you stored the download from RKY.

5. Turn off your phone and take out the battery. Hit the “Refurbish” button to start the flash and when a small box comes up with instructions, pop your battery in to the phone and click ok in the instruction box and the flash will then complete.

Disclaimer: We have provided this guide for your ease, we won’t be held responsible in case if anything goes wrong. This procedure may void your phone’s warranty.

Java Apps and other Bug Fixes for Nokia C7 – Symbian Anna RKY Custom Firmware:

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