Optimistix Screen Cast v1.1 – Nokia N8 – Symbian^3 – Full Version ScreenShot Sharing App Download

ScreenCast is an interesting application specifically design to address the issues of sharing your mobile screen shots with your freinds. ScreenCast does that exactly and more, it also helps you post the screen shots to your Facebook & Twitter. Following are some of the exciting features of the app :-
1. Set a time delay to take a snap shot of the desired screen by setting a time delay of X seconds using the Settings option on the home screen.
2. Once a time delay has been set, return to the home and chose the Time Delay option, which will start the timer for the screen shot to be taken.

Screen Shot using shake feature
1. Select the Shake option on the home screen to activate this option.
2. Continue to use your phone regularly and when you find a screen that you would like to capture, simply shake the device.
Sharing screen shots
1. On the settings option from the home, please enter your Twitter and Facebook details should you wish to share your screen shot images.
2. Your login and password details are not visible to us and are securely stored on your device.
3. This application uses Twitpic to share pictures uploaded to Twitter using the same credentials.
4. Screen shots are saved under the Shared Screenshots option on the home screen for your use later and can be also shared from the preview screen. The screen shots can only be shared over a reliable wifi or data network.

Click below to download
(N8FanClub.com)Optimistix ScreenCast v1.1 S^3 Signed.zip