How to Flash Nokia N8 with Hacked Symbian Anna PR 2.0 via Phoenix – Tutorial Guide

Update: Symbian Anna Update with Split Screen is available over here, download it and follow the flashing procedure mentioned below. (Skip the 2nd step under Basic Requirements if you have downloaded this update from the link above)

Video Tutorial:


a. Flash at your own risk, we bear no responsibility for any problem(s) occurring to your device due to flashing…
b. This flashing process has been tested on Win XP 32 bit and Windows 7 32 Bit
c. Its better to turn off antivirus while flashing
d. and make sure you are not downgrading i.e flashing the lower version than the current device version (It will make your phone dead) (For instance you have Symbian Anna Firmware PR 2.0 and you are flashing with firmware version PR 1.2, in that case you will brick your phone)
Basic requirements:

i.)  Download Phoenix from here
ii.) Download Hacked Symbian Anna PR 2.0 for Nokia N8 from here 
(Hacked firmware allows you to install unsigned apps / games without certificate errors)

Features of Hacked Symbian ANNA PR 2.0 for Nokia N8:

  • It has English language only.
  • Its fast and responsive.
  • Portrait QWERTY keyboard Included (Split Screen not yet implemented)
  • Browser Updated to v7.3
  • Improved Icons
  • Improved Copy and Paste Functionality
  • Long press on any icon in the menu will enable the organize menu
  • You can update to the official version which would be available at the End of August via Phoenix
  • You can flash it on any Nokia N8 with any Product code
  • Its already Hacked (You can install apps / games without any certificate error on this firmware)

Bugs and Limitations (Will be fixed / made available in the final Symbian Anna update that would be available in Late August)

  • The Contacts and Messaging does not work too well. You need to save the exact number with + country code in your contacts for the messages to be named accordingly. (Thanks for pointing out laBlueBoy)
  • Doesn’t have Split Screen Keyboard.
  • Doesn’t have Continuous AutoFocus mode in Video Camera

If you wish to download NON-HACKED firmware – Click here and follow the same instructions given below

iii.) Turn off your Antivirus, install the Pheonix which u have downloaded from the above link and restart ur system…

Now u r ready for flashing, follow the brief steps below CAREFULLY to avoid frustration and problems…

Preparation for Flashing with Phoenix

1. Copy paste the hacked Symbian Anna (PR 2.0) firmware files which u have already downloaded to C:/Program Files/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-596/

2. Connect ur device Nokia N8 through Ovi Suite and wait if any drivers’ installation is in progress.
3. When driver installation in done and it shows that drivers are up-to-date, then execute Phoenix (better right click and run as administrator)

5. Go to Manage Connection > USBx – RM-xxx

6. Go to File > Scan Product > and wait until the bottom bar of the phoenix says ready and will display your phone’s connection

7. Go to Flashing > Firmware Update > Choose your product code (05xxxxx)

8. Press Refurbish button!

9. There will be a warning about the file is not complete / missing bla..bla..bla.. (this step is important)

10. Now come back to Phoenix and press ‘YES’…

13. Wait until flashing process completes… And then, u r Done!!!

Now your Nokia N8 has got hacked version of Symbian Anna PR 2.0 (Hacked firmware allows you to install unsigned apps / games without certificate errors). You can easily install unsigned Applications which used to give annoying certificate errors. Rom Patcher v3.0 can now be installed on your Phone. You can also disable the Call Recording Beep using Rom Patcher.

Video Comparison b/w Nokia N8 PR 1.2 and PR 2.0 (Symbian Anna)

Dead USB Mode Flashing for Nokia N8 via Phoenix

What if your Nokia N8 becomes Dead after following this procedure? Don’t worry still you can recover back using Dead USB mode in Phoenix. All you have to do is to follow the simple steps mentioned here.