Drawing & Animation via Pen And Paper Animation Lite v1.1 – Symbian^3 – Nokia N8 – Beta Version App Download

Pen and Paper is a very easy to use drawing and animation application. The UI has nice 3D look and it is very intuitive and natural to use. There are no texts at all, but instead you can see big friendly icons and images. Also small children can easily use the application. It is simple and fast to create “Disney-style” frame based animations

– 3 different pen sizes
– 3 different brush sizes
– Image browse screen that allows you to load an image for editing (not in “lite” version)
– Saving an image (not in “lite” version). Saved drawings are also visible in native Photo Gallery, where they can be viewed, sent to somebody, deleted, etc.
– Undo / redo -dialog
– Color palette
– Animation creator mode
– Browse animation frames
– Run animation
– Insert and delete animation frames
– Copy and paste animation frames
– “Onion skin”-feature, i.e. show previous and next frame transparently with the current frame

Click below to download