Thakir Prayer Times v5.01(1) Symbian^3 Signed – Full Version Islamic Mobile n PC App Download

Thakir_PrayerTimes provides Prayer times and Qibla direction for many cities in many countries, along with the ability to add and edit any location using the GPS to identify accurate praying times and direction to Mecca (Qibla direction) via GPS. Thakir_PrayerTimes provides also the ability to select more Athan files from phone memory or card.

Displaying the Hijri date or the remaining time until the next prayer.
Prayer times for any location all over the world, covering all known calculation methods.
Calculate methods for high latitudes (>=49°).
Selective prayer alerts for the daily five prayers.
Different athan are available (can be tested before settings)
Updating the location information via GPS.
The ability to advance the prayer alert time by 1-30 minutes.
Minutes adjustment to get accurate times according to local mosque
The ability to switch the mobile profile to help Muslims to concentrate during the prayers with the ability to set the profile’s change time & duration for every prayer alone.
Automatic mute if it’s prayer time (cancel alarm, Athan and Ikama) in Silent profile.
Illustrating the Qibla direction according to both the main four directions diagram and the sun.
Qibla Direction with the aid of the GPS from true North and direction of Sun.
The ability to add edit any location.
Online GPS that enables continuous updating of the user’s location.
Play Ikama.
Play Morning and Evening Athkar.
Play Some athor Athkar like: Travel Athkar, Istikhara,…..
Active vibrator at Alarm and Athan.
The ability to save user configuration and back to it or restore default settings.
Support tree language: Arabic, English and French.
Can Autostart when the phone reboot.
Is completely free.
For simple use of Thakir_PrayerTimes :
Click button “menu”, select “Setting”, select “Location setting”, select “Defined location” then just choose your city and “Calculation Method” and Click button “Back” you will have different times of prayer and other information.
Thakir_PrayerTimes require at least:
Qt ver 4.6.3 and Qtmobility ver 1.0.1
Thakir_PrayerTimes run in all devices where Qt run, Symbian^3 S60V5 and S60V3.1 and 3.2

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