SymbRecorder v5.20 Symbian^3 – Full Version App Download

Totally new business level call recorder and; voice recorder!
Phone call recording automatically or manually,
Voice memo recording, make your phone as a dictaphone Most advanced beep suppression technique, 3 Beep Suppression Modes: Mode1 Perfect quality in amr/wav format with no audio gaps, the device side will hear a beep but the other side will NOT, for newer cellphones

Mode2 Perfect quality in amr/wav format with no audio gaps, both sides will NOT hear the beep, profile will be changed before recording and recovered after recording automatically, for older cellphones
Mode3 With some loss of audio (This is tunable, so it can usually be improved) in amr format, both sides will NOT hear the beep, for all cellphones
Recording quality (amr/wav) can be adjusted by setting different Sampling Bitrate
All S60 devices even those with few keys like N8/C7/5800 can use hotkey to start/stop recording conveniently. You can choose a key from a list (21 keys including key XpressMedia and key Menu) and select a press method (PressLong/PressOnce/PressTwice/PressThrice) to act as a hotkey
Recording all calls, or some of the calls according to the Include List/Exclude List
Auto Send the clip via MMS/Email after recording
Manually send clips via MMS/Email/Bluetooth/Infrared
The clip can be stored in any drive, such as C, E, F, etc.
Total Disk Limited can be set. The oldest clips will be erased automatically when the total size of clips exceeds the setting value
Use advanced RDBMS/SQL technique to manage clips, you can add note to a certain clip, view the detailed clip information, search, play back, delete, copy and move clips conveniently and quickly
Password protection, no other program can visit your clips. You can copy/move your clips to other folders if you want to share them
Client/Server structure, the server program which runs in the background is powerful but it is really tiny (less than 60KB) with less consumption of resources
FREE Updates for the life of your device!

Support all of the following phones:

Symbian^3 (Currently may beep on both sides, we’re working on an update)

Nokia C6-01 / C7-00 / E7-00 / N8-00

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